Vishwakarma Jayanti 2015

Enjoyed the Food & Singing and Everyone enjoyed spending family time. Only thing to improve - No Ice Cream.

The Food was lovely. It's really nice to see the elder generation taking part in this year's events. Keep going, Great Work. P.S. My pen was not working, please check them before giving them out. Thank you.

On 01/02/2015, We came for the first time and we found today's programme was very nice. We pray to Vishwakarma dada that programmes are held every year and children enjoy. We will come again next year. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters who have worked hard. Our sincere request to Vishwakarma dada

to keep everyone happy. Birmingham.

Jai Vishwakarma Namah! Very happy to see that even in a country like UK, our dada's programme can radiate the scent of Saurastra. Honestly, Sincere ThankS to our Vishwakarma family, and we have vishwakarma's blessings on this programme, that's for sure. Jai Vishwakarma, Jai Bharat, Jai Shree Krishna.

On this Shree Vishwakarma Jayanti programme, the more people become members, the more togetherness we will achieve, that is our wish.

Programme has been good. I enjoyed it. Only one suggestion that audio was a bit unclear and bit hig

We all enjoy today's programme. It was very nice. Keep it up. Food is ok but is bit tangy. So old people who have arthritis problem they can't eat, Otherwise food is good.

The hall needs painting and decorating. Well Done. Not enough snacks (:-). No entertainment yet. The hall is extremely cold!!! The hall is extremely cold !!! Not enough snacks on the table.

The first drama was a total drama, like playing your own trumpet. Ha Ha Ha.....

Some of the member in the SVML Team should leave and stop over reacting. Give some chance to other members to give their input & help the SVML.

The DJ needs to get the music right. One minute playing classical, the next Bollywood, the live performance, then random wedding tunes. What the hell?

The toilets aren't to my satisfaction seeing as there are puddles of water and dirty water. Some flushes in the male toilets are impossible to press. Horrible! If you don't improve I fear to fall down. However, the best job ever! P.S Not water, irrigation.

The programme was unorganised and not planned well. Some of the committee members was not making their hands dirty. Show Off.

Diwali Programme - 2014

Some jokes was not suitable for family

Short of rice

Nath should have suggestion box pens and paper should on the table

Sitting capacity should be for more people

Heater was blowing hot air on some table

Staples on carpet some children got hurt

Hall was well decorated

Food was warm and lachko was delicious

Hall was nice and warm

Raffle prize was good

Pravinbhai sinroja last speech was good surprise

Well organized snacks at start was good

One wanted live music to long as possible

Committee is doing good work

London Trip 2014

'Thank You for organising this lovely trip and we all enjoyed it' Vidhi, Rita & Tusar.


Very good service. Thank You SVML'

'Thank You Sharadben Well Done'

'Good Service We are Happy. Thank you' Indu Ashok Devaliya

'Thank You to all i really enjoyed everything hope you do more trips another seaside please i appreciate everything'

Diwali Programme - 30th November 2013

'Extraordinary Committee & their works priceless'

'Hi, Please do a joint suthar function with leicester 'vainsh suthar' also 'mevada suthars'... Bigger is better... ' J. Islania Milton keynes

Thank You From the Bhanaj Mandal

SVML Bhajan Mandal would like to thank all the mentioned people below for their constant support through events and functions organised for the SVML Bhajan Mandal.

Thank You to:

Jaykishan Bhai Bakrania
Shailesh Bhai Solgama
Prakash Bhai Sachania
Kundan Ben Bhardia

Lohana Masi - Rushey Mead (non-member)
Tulsi Bhai Vagharia
Manish Bhai Bhardia
Pravin Bhai Sinroja
Odhavji Bhai Sachania
Vasant Bhai Peshwaria
Herbert Avenue (non-member)

Opp Haveli (non-member)
Jyoti Ben Dudhiya
Geeta Ben Vadgama
Ila Ben Vadgama
Robert Road - Bhanu Ben
Jasu Ben Sondagar
Manish Bhai Peshwaria

SVML Diwali Bollywood Nights 2013

No feedback received.

SVML Navratri 2013

'Plain rose/pista milk. (nothing in it). Pet Day.'

'Raffle Tickets in navratri programme every year.'

'Loved the snacks, there needs to be a teenage category for competitions.'

'What a fantastic start to Navratri 2013. The organisation is well executed and everyone is having great fun. Keep it up and lets get more people involved next year. Well done. Best Wishes.'

'Break time will give chance to play free style. If your can make, please hot food to eat. Bajaya, people can eat garma garma eating.'

SVML London Yatra 2013

'I enjoy very much. We had good time.'

'Good, very good.'

'Ben Thank you.'

'We had really nice time visiting temples in London. The committee members were very helpful. We had a lot of fun. Looking forward to such trips future. Thanks.'

'Well organised, very good.'

'We had fun on the coach. WE did not do a journey of temples but we went to four yatras. The committee members provided good service, it was fantastic. Thank you.'

'Well organised. Too much travelling/temples for one day. More London/shopping trips in future. Overall a good trip. :)'

Diwali SVML Parivar Awards - 1st December 2012

‘Excellent programme; enjoyed it very much.' Neer Peshawaria

'Thank you for organising the wonderful Diwali programme.

The venue was good and food was well fantastic. I think for the new year our committee should organise a party.'

'Function was very nice, but didn't understand awards at all, for example nominees and winners.'

'Excellent event, well presented, committee should be proud. Suggestions: more volunteers for food. Allocated seated to help serve food and auction of items to raise funds. Maybe a bar if allowed.' Naishad Chhatralia

'Hall is very cold.'

'Very nice programme but award ceremony too long, you can present half of them in the next programme. We enjoyed today but only the end of the award bit.'

'Too much attiude from the committee members. Speakers too loud, President's way of speaking out of order. Music to loud and the people given awards doesn't match the categories.'

'Today's programme is fantastic. Very nicely organised and enjoyable. Food was very nice. All behind this is only and only all of our committee members' hard work. Keep up good work.' Sitapara Family

'Enjoyed the show, some really nice things but maybe next time have less awards as it made it late.'

'Amazing night, function and all the service, especially the entertainment was so good. Keep it up. Thank you for an amazing night.'

South-End-On Sea - 18th August 2012

‘All supported well; youngster’s efforts were good. Waiting for next trip.

‘I see first time in my 17 years, President is working very hard.’

‘Many thanks to all for their efforts. Isle of white / London / Paris – next trips.

'Well done, keep it up.'

Wales Trip - 21st July 2012

All over I think trip was excellent, we enjoyed very much and thanks. All committee members all the best for future trips.’

‘Very good services, thanks.’

‘Blackpool light opening trip + Stonehenge day trip.’

‘London Blue Water shopping centre trip.’

‘It was a good trip and it got us a chance to see temple. Good work by committee members... Three Cheers to you all members who made this a success.’

‘Keep it up with new trips where elderly people come and all the age people can enjoy, volunteers done a great job.’

‘Nice job, thank you.’

‘Good work by all volunteers, enjoyed.’

‘We wish you all committee members best of luck for organising all kinds of programs. This time it’s much better. Our blessing is with all always, may God Viswakarma bless his shower on you all and we can progress more. All committee are working together and make more trips & programs like this. We thank you very much.’

‘Keep up the good work, 100 out of 100. Thanks.’

‘All team good work 10 out of 10.’

‘Ask questions in Guajarati.’

‘No food for farari people (shravan mahino).’

‘I thought this trip was very good, however my child was board.’

‘Mix announcement was very good.’

‘Birju & Avni good work.’

‘It was very enjoyable trip. Thanks you.’

‘Excellent teamwork & efforts, well done & keep up the good work. You may not get appreciate well but your efforts show itself in the grand outcome in the trip. God bless, thank you.’

‘Well done to all committee members, we had good time. Coach flush was not working though.’

‘Really good trip, BIrju & committee members thanks to you.’

Jayanti - 5th February 2012

‘Members worked hard and it's paid off, Lord Viswakarma will bless you all, prasad was very good.’ - From Adiyecha & Bakrania Family

‘Today's food was very good and cake was amazing, event was excellent.’

‘Lovely function thank you.’

‘Food was very good.’ - From Bakrania Family

‘New lovely banner design.’

‘Very good job keep it going.’ - From Vadesa Family

‘Very good organisation everything was nice.’ - From Arvindbhai & Dinaben

‘Well done to all members for a very entertaining evening, really enjoyed all activities keep up the good work. Just 1 suggestion if you canarrange something for couples as well.’ - From Bimal Bhogaita

‘Door entry tickets for every program and donation as well to maximise funds.’ - From Pisawadia Family

‘One request, please prepare hot food rather then too many variety of food.’

‘I think committee should organise unmet trips and activities for children’

‘Sanatan Mandir is really good venue for all events and specially garba. Thanks.’

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